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Mascot Mens Wednesday
JJ Cahill Memorial HS

Next season starts March 3rd.
Nominate now for waiting list position: 3 (est. 70% chance of entry)

  • Competitive (grade 2)

Fees: $100 Team Nomination & $1138 Team Fee for 10 games plus finals for top 4 teams. ($1238 total)
(With an 8 player team, about $18 per player per game)

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Mascot Mens Sunday
JJ Cahill Memorial HS

Next season starts March 21st.
Nominate note to be in waiting list position: 1 (est. 95% chance of entry)

  • Social (grade 3)
  • Social (grade 4)

Fees: $100 Team Nomination & $1499 Team Fee for 13 games plus finals for top 4 teams. ($1599 total)
(With an 8 player team, about $18 per player per game)

Note: Annual Player Registration is $83 for 12 months per player and must be paid before the first game. It includes a jersey in your team’s custom design, basic injury insurance and an online player profile. Once registered a player can participate in any Sydney Social Basketball league.
All prices include GST.

Competition Manager: Nathan
Emergency only Number: 0404335474

Competition Manager (Sunday Mens): Daniel
Emergency only Number: 0403611731

Please use the Sign Up or Contact Us pages if you would like to enter a team or join as a player. All games are played at JJ Cahill Memorial HS (Sutherland St, Sydney NSW 2020) on Wednesdays starting 6:30pm until 11pm. Entrance to the court is via Horner Ave.

Mascot Basketball League currently has one grade 4 Social division. Jerseys in your team’s custom design are included in your player registration fees. Games are 30 mins fully timed (clock stops on all whistles, avrg game length: 40-55min) and players never have to do bench duty. Positive statistics – points, rebounds, steals, assists, and blocks – are all recorded and uploaded to our website. Mascot Basketball is Powered by Sydney Social Basketball. Providing Mascot Basketball with statistics for every game, player profiles, levels, and league necessities. Making the games more interactive off the court, and more fun to be a part of!


We are looking for both teams and individuals to join the competition. If you are looking to join a team as an individual you can through our partners at Just Play. To enter a team use our Team Registration form here or Contact Us.


The best value competition amongst Sydney Basketball Leagues! Please read below for a summary of our pricing:

With an 8 player team, the fees work out to about $16 per player per game.

– Player registration: $83 for 12 months and includes a Jersey in your teams custom design, player injury insurance* (AIG AUS LTD) for basic injuries, and an online player profile! The year typically includes three seasons, and once registered a player may play in all Sydney Social Basketball competitions with no extra player registration fee (note: second jerseys cost $50. If you or your team already has jerseys you can ask for a $30 discount).

– Team fee: See League Info at top.

*Player Injury Insurance offers a rebate of up to $1,000 of physio and is for Australian Residents only. For more information please email


All games are played at JJ Cahill Memorial HS (Sutherland St, Sydney NSW 2020). Entry to the Gymnasium is via Horner Ave.


Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.

ByLaws and Rules can be downloaded here.


ABN 91 618 821 177
Account details for EFT: 
NAME Sydney Social Basketball Pty Ltd
BSB 062807
ACC # 10376263