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To nominate your team fill out the form below. A Nomination Fee of $100 is required. If you register for a league with a waiting list, and space does not become available then your Nomination Fee will be refunded. Teams that are on waiting lists will be notified if they have placement in their selected league at the conclusion of the current regular season's games (before finals). We give priority nomination to teams playing in the current season, however, don't let that deter you! Usually a few team spots open up each season. If you have any questions put them in the Feedback/Questions box at the bottom or Contact Us.

For all information on Locations, Nights and the Competitions please read the Locations page here.

Note: There are two sets of fees for SSB Competitions. Team Fees; usually $150-$250 per player per season depending on the competition and the number of players in your team. This amount can be seen on the Locations page here. Annual Player Registration; $83 per player and lasts for 12 months. This must be paid before the first game. It includes a jersey in your team's custom design, basic injury insurance and an online player profile. Once registered a player can participate in any Sydney Social Basketball league.

All prices include GST.

Team Registration

Team names cannot include sexual references, or allude to vulgar language.

League Info
Team Info

Please make sure email is correct. Confirmation and most correspondence is made by email.

For all other players in your team, put their names and emails below. Put at least 5 players details here, for total of minimum 6 players on your team. Do not put Team Captains details here. More players can be added later by emailing info@sydneysocialbasketball.com.au


Custom designed jerseys are included in your Annual Player Registration for each player! You can work with our designer to get the exact look you're going for, or supply a design of your choice/creation. Our jerseys are fully sublimated, 100% polyester. If you already have jerseys, each player can take a $30 discount with their Annual Player Registration.

If you already have jerseys we can offer a $30 discount per player. Matching shorts are just $33 extra per player. Replacement singlets cost $50. All players must wear matching design & colour uniforms. Uniforms must have numbers on the front and back. Any player that participates out of uniform will penalize his team by 2 points at the start of the game. Shorts don’t have to be matching across the team, however no shorts with loose pockets or loose cords are allowed.

Do you need uniforms?
Does your team want new uniforms?
Do you want to make your jerseys Reversible?

$28 per player - to be added on to Team Fees collection

Do you want to add Long Sleeve Warmup tops in your team's design?

$44 per player - to be added on to Team Fees collection

Do you want to add on Shorts?

$33 per player - to be added on to Team Fees collection


Will you pay your Team Fees by Cash or EFT?

Nomination Fee Payment ($100)

Please pay your $100 Nomination Fee here via CC or EFT (inc. GST). If you choose EFT please send a receipt to info@sydneysocialbasketball.com.au. If your team is not accepted into the competition we will email you and process a refund. If you are accepted into a league and then you choose not to play, you will NOT be given a refund.

Please put your team name as transfer description. Team Registration is not complete until Team Nomination Fee is received. If possible, email transfer receipt to info@sydneysocialbasketball.com.au.

Account details for EFT:
NAME Sydney Social Basketball Pty Ltd
BSB 06 2807
ACC # 1037 6263


If you are having any problems with payment email info@sydneysocialbasketball.com.au or use our Contact Us page.