Team Registration

Team Registration

  • To nominate your team fill out the form below. A deposit of $100 is required to confirm your team's position. (This will be refunded if you are not accepted) Put any questions you might have about the league in the "extra notes".

  • Please make sure email is correct. Confirmation and most corresspondance is made by email.
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  • For all other players in your team, put their names and emails below. Minimum 6 players per team (inc. captain).
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    We give free jersey singlets to any new team registering that needs them . You can submit your own design or choose from a catalogue. Each player is entitled to 1 singlet per annual player registration. Replacement singlets cost $45. Shorts can be added for $25 more per player. For more details please use our contact form at:
  • Please see Team Fee amount per comp at the top of the page. 12 month Player Registration is $80 per player and includes a Jersey in your teams custom design (provided by Team Clothing Co.), basic injury insurance (SportsCover, AUS residents only) and an online player profile (Turbo). ALL PRICES INCLUDE GST

    Payment can be made in person at the first game or online using EFT. All payments must be made by week 2 of the competition.
  • Please deposit $100 to secure your team's nomination for the upcoming season. If not accepted, your deposit will be refunded. If accepted, your $100 will be deducted from your team fee.

    Bank Account Details for EFT:
    Account Name: Turbo Basketball
    BSB: 062258
    Account Number: 1102 0096

  • Do you have anything else you need to know? Use this field and we'll get back to you.