Junior Player Registration

Juniors Player Registration

  • Junior's Information

    Parents/Guardians, please fill out the following form. We will confirm your sons position as we are able to process it.
  • (The email will be used as their login email. A password will be sent to this email address upon our creation of their profile)
    First name:Surname:Contact email: 
  • Juniors are ages 11-14. If your son is younger than 11, or turning 15 within the year then please contact turbobasketball@gmail.com.
    School attending:Current school year: 
  • This information is vital for helping creation of balanced teams.
    School Basketball Grade (include rep level if applicable)Height (cm)Position (PG/SG/SF/PF/C) 

  • Jersey Information

    Please select a size using the chart below. We will do our best to provide this size or closest. If you need a custom size put the size or dimensions in the "other" box. We suggest choosing a slightly bigger size, rather than slightly smaller.
  • Size Chart

  • Parent/Guardian Information

    This section is to be filled out by the parent/guardian giving consent.
  • First name:Surname:Contact email:Contact phone: 
  • Payment & Player Packages

    This section is to be filled out by the parent/guardian giving consent.
  • Payment can be made by EFT or cash. Cash payments are made on the first week at the draft day. (ALL PRICES INCLUDE GST)
  • Payment Includes:
    - A Turbo Jersey to keep
    - 18 hours of basketball over 9 weeks at only $14 per hour.
    - 1 hour weekly group skills sessions before their games. Improve shooting, dribbling, defense, passing, basketball offensive and defensive strategy, refining drills and much more. These run before the boys games every Sunday.
    - A weekly game with a team coach. (First week is a skills day and will have no official game)
    - Website integration with a player profile and positive statistics.
    - Parents never do bench duty!!!

  • If you are paying by EFT please use the details below:

    NAME Turbo Basketball
    BSB 06 2258
    ACC # 1102 0096

    As the transfer description please use your sons name. For any questions email turbobasketball@gmail.com.

  • This section is to be filled out by a parent/guardian. Please tick to agree to the following:
  • I (name in feild below) consent to my/this son/boy to playing in Turbo Basketball for the upcoming season as parent/guardian.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to both contact emails soon. If you have any questions please email turbobasketball@gmail.com